National Bookstore eGC
National Bookstore eGC
National Bookstore eGC
National Bookstore eGC
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About National Bookstore eGC

For 75 years, National Book Store (NBS), the Philippines' largest books and supplies store has been providing the Filipino consumer affordable educational commodities. Their vision is for a future where all children are educated and are in schools and their mission is to provide every child access to quality education. National Bookstore is proud to remain a constant in everyone's journey, nurturing the passions and inspiring the growth of every Filipino.

Give a National Bookstore Electronic gift certificate today to give the gift of education and growth to your loved ones today!

HOW IS IT SENT?   You will receive this in the form of an email. 

HOW TO REDEEM? Once you receive the voucher code, place the voucher Code in the "Surprise Digital Treat" field upon checkout. The total voucher value will be consumed upon use.

Important Reminder: Please take note that there are additional charges that will apply to your purchases in excess of the e-voucher value.

Terms and Conditions: Gifted.PH will verify all orders before processing. The gift certificate is valid immediately after receiving it. It can be redeemed in all of merchant’s branches and can be used to pay for anything for sale in the store. It has no expiry date, is non-refundable, non-convertible to cash, is for one time use only and cannot be used in conjunction with other promos or discounts. Unused amounts will be forfeited. Extra charges will apply to items purchased in excess of the value of the gift certificate. Both Gifted.PH and the merchant are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificate. The Merchant is responsible for the quality of their own products and services.

Add. Terms and Conditions in the National Bookstore website:
The voucher amount is valid only for purchases at
The voucher code will be sent to the e-mail address you entered in the recipient e-mail address field. Ensure that you entered the correct e-mail address before placing the order.
The voucher code is valid for one-time use only.
Only 1 voucher per recipient can be placed at a time. To send to more recipients, you may need to enter each recipient details one at a time.