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As part of a time-honored tradition, the Assumption community will be holding its annual alumni homecoming and non-profit fundraising event, the Assumption Old Girl’s Day 2023 on October 14-15, 2023.  Hosted by the Silver Jublarians Batch 98, the event will bring together generations of Assumption alumnae, families and friends, for a fun weekend of camaraderie.  It will be the first full onsite alumni homecoming event for the Assumption community since the pandemic and we want to CELEBRATE life with you during this day.  More importantly, the proceeds will go to the following causes:

- Assumption Education and Development (AEDEV) Foundation, which provides educational, spiritual, facility development and scholarships for the eight (8) Assumption mission schools in the Philippines, mainly:

     - Martin’s School, Baguio

     - Assumpta Technical High School, San Simon, Pampanga

     - San Juan Nepomuceno School, Malibay, Pasay City

     - The Socio-Educational Center, Barrio Obrero, Iloilo City

     - Assumption School, Passi, Iloilio

     - Rita Academy, Sibalom, Antique

     - Vincent’s Academy, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte

     - Xavier de Kibangay, High School, Lantapan Bukidnon

- Mother Rosa Memorial Foundation (MRMF), which owns the Assumpta Technical High School (ATHS) in San Simon, Pampanga. Founded in 1970, the ATHS has witnessed the transformation of youth who have been empowered by quality education. Donations are used in the form of scholarships for underprivileged students or for infrastructure development.

- Marie Eugenie Institute (MEI) and Associate Missionaries of the Assumption – Philippines (AMA), which focuses on spiritual learning on the life, teachings and vision of St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus, founder of the Assumption Schools, for its faculty, staff and missionary volunteers;

Now more than ever is the time to support an educational cause - Now when our education system is in dire straits due to the pandemic.  Our students and teachers across the Philippines need your help to ACcelerate the future of these students back on track.  

We cannot do this alone: We humbly seek your support by becoming as a Donor


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Thank you for your generous support to ACcelerate the education of students from Assumption Mission Schools nationwide!