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About 7-Eleven (Electronic Voucher)

You can now give the gift of convenience with the 7-Eleven electronic gift card! The value of the gift card will be credited into your CLIQQ mobile wallet which can be used to pay for physical goods at any 7-Eleven and earn points as you spend.  You can also use your wallet credits to purchase at CLiQQgrocery.com and pick-up your products at your selected 7-Eleven branch.

Using CLiQQ and enjoying its benefits is easy and gratifying.  The app includes a loyalty barcode that lets 7-Eleven customers earn points every time they make purchases worth P50 or more. On top of this, if they use their CLiQQ Wallet to pay, they earn 2x more points! That’s 1pt for every P25 spend in physical goods. These points can then be used to redeem items from the CLiQQ Rewards Catalog or at CLiQQgrocery.com, which includes a wide array of products.  Customers can even share their points with friends, letting them have their pick of rewards as well.

The CLiQQ mobile app also enables customers to know more about 7-Eleven’s latest promos and offers via the News & Promos tab. They can also share suggestions and comments about the app using the Send Feedback menu. 


HOW IS IT SENT?  You will received this in the form of an email or voucher pdf file. 

HOW DO I REDEEM?  Go to www.cliqq.net/app/ to download the latest version of the CLiQQ Mobile App.  Log in to the app with your mobile number, enter the verification code sent via SMS and agree to the terms and conditions. To activate CLiQQ Wallet, click  Open Wallet > Enter Email Address & Create a PIN. To load the value of the Gift Card to CLiQQ Wallet, click Load Wallet > Redeem Code > and Type in the Redemption Code (it is best to type the code instead of copy and paste to avoid pasting hidden characters).  

Important reminders for existing CLIQQ customers:  Make sure you have the latest version installed.  As a preventive measure, clear your CLIQQ app cache before entering the code, see instructions here:  1. Open app 2. Go to Profile, tap Settings 3. Tap Reset Cache 4. Go back to home screen.  Now you are ready to enter the code.   It is best to type the code instead of copy and paste to avoid pasting hidden characters). 

You can use your CLiQQ Wallet to pay for any merchandise inside any 7 Eleven store nationwide by opening the CLiQQ app, click "Open Wallet", Buy 7 Eleven, Enter Pin then cashier will scan the barcode. Done!

If you want to verify your CLIQQ Wallet balance, you can request for balance history from 7-Eleven Customer Care by providing your 7-Eleven CLIQQ mobile number/email address to their email address: customercare@7-eleven.com.ph.  

Terms and Conditions:  Gifted.PH will verify all orders before processing. The gift certificate is valid immediately after receiving it. It can be redeemed in all the merchant's branches and can be used to pay for any physical good in the store. CLiQQ Wallet Credits can be used to purchase physical merchandise at any 7-Eleven store in the Philippines and at CLiQQGrocery.com. Wallet credits CANNOT be used for bills payments or services.  It has no expiry date, is non-refundable, non-convertible to cash, but can be used in conjunction with other promos or discounts. Extra charges will apply to items purchased in excess of the value of the gift certificate. Both Gifted.PH and the merchant are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificate. The Merchant is responsible for the quality of their own products and services. By using this electronic gift, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of CLiQQ, including its Data Privacy Policy. One (1) eWallet Credit = PHP 1.00. eWallet credits have no expiry. No refund for unused credits.