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No matter how much of the world's cuisine you've tried, you will always go back to the comfort of Filipino food. So when you start craving for a BBQ Chicken Inasal or Batangas Bulalo, it is best to have a handy Kabila gift certificate from Gifted.ph. Give this gift certificate to your grandpa or grandma to treat themselves with a cooling halo halo or a serving of their favorite Filipino classic. Kabila, the new Filipino Bistro, will take you around the archipelago with its collection of local dishes. All these favorites and more served for pairing and sharing - just how Filipino families like it.

Kabila is located at Ayala Museum Complex, Makati Avenue, corner Dela Rosa St., Makati City. You may contact them at +632-757-3000, +632-757-6000 or +632-391-4197 for inquiries or you may check their website through this http://www.raintreerestaurants.com/kabila.html.


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