About Us

Gift giving seems like such an easy fun thing to do. But we all know it’s not always a piece of cake. So many things get in the way of giving a good gift:

  • Busy schedules
  • Long distance
  • Traffic!!
  • Family and work commitments
  • Not knowing what kind of gift to give


To top it off, we need to give gifts ALL the time – for birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, important holidays like Christmas or even just to say I miss you or thank you.   Gift certificates would be the easy way out, but giving gift certificates is sometimes viewed as impersonal.   In this day and age, there must be an easier way to give gifts!

Worry no more!

With Gifted.PH, you can now send the most thoughtful gift in the least amount of time and never worry about what gift to give again. Gifted.PH sells gift certificates to over 80 of your favorite, well-trusted local and international brands available in Manila and the Philippines. Each gift card comes with a customized greeting card and a fun gift recommendation which makes the gift certificate more personal. 


Gifted.PH sets aside all your gift giving worries and helps you save time, avoid traffic while still giving the most thoughtful gift. It helps you keep in touch and be more thoughtful to the people around you despite a busy schedule.


Gifted.PH is brought to you by E-Link Business Innovation Corporation, a young and dynamic Philippine-based team who are passionate about making gift giving convenient for you. Our mission is to make people’s lives easier by transforming traditional services into highly available, usable and effective online business models. 


Welcome to the future of gift giving!


Gifted.PH Team