About Us

Gifted.PH is the first and leading personalized electronic gift certificate company in the Philippines, with strong partnerships with Lazada, the Philippines #1 ecommerce site (we run Lazada's gift certificate voucher page), consumer ecommerce websites like Shopback.PH, Takatack.com and companies in Singapore, India, UAE and Australia. 

Gifted.PH was created from a personal need to make gift giving easier. Every week, we celebrate so many wonderful occasions: There’s weddings, baptisms, birthdays, going away parties, you name it. As much as you would love to give a great gifts to the special people in your lives, work gets in the way - there’s hardly any time to go to the mall, traffic is usually terrible and once you get there, it’s difficult to guess what gift would be best appreciated. But wait a minute - Gift giving isn’t supposed to be a chore:  It should be something fun and easy, something that you would willingly do for a friend, especially in this world of technology. Thus, the idea of Gifted.PH was born. Now you can send your gift certificates electronically within minutes at GIFTED.PH. Each gift certificate comes with a greeting card and a recommended gift item, making the gift certificate a more personal and fun gift to give. Gift certificates come as an emailed PDF file and are sent FREE to your recipient's email address or shipped to their mailing address. With over 120 brands to choose from, you give your loved ones the freedom of choice to choose the perfect gift. 


Welcome to the future of gift giving!


Gifted.PH Team